Sunday, June 30, 2013

Letter we received from Elder Sherwood...

First...the outside of the envelope says, "P.S. We hit 39.74 MPH on our bikes"

Then the letter...

Hey Family!  I forgot to tell you a couple things that happened this week.  First, I'm trying to write in all caps now cause it's neater, I think.

Second, on my way home from e-mailing you today I was riding next to a row of cars parked on the side of the road, and you know me, I wasn't going slow.  And all of the sudden a car door opens in front of me.  I clipped the door just as it had opened about a foot and it sent me flying, haha!  I James Bond barrel rolled and luckily my companion stopped the other cars coming from behind us.  I stood up, walked it off, (didn't rub it), and assured everyone I was ok.  The lady who was in the car felt so bad.  She walked with us to the bike shop to check my bike out, but luckily nothing was wrong.  I got a nice knot on my arm and a little tiny bit of road rash but other than that, all is well haha!

Third, I ran over an armadillo last week, I think it survived haha!

Always! Look forward to letters!
Love you all!
Elder Sherwood

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