Monday, July 1, 2013

Genesis 18:19 (substitute Abraham with own name)

I'M STAYING IN BENTONVILLE! Ah so happy. Both Elder Koetting and I are staying here in Bentonville for another 6 weeks. We are so excited. I love this town. This week was a pretty good week. We were able to go on a ton of exchanges with the youth and a couple of kids that are getting ready to serve missions. They are so excited and it's awesome because they love coming out with us and doing whatever we are doing haha.

Oh man my crash last monday was SWEET! I've low key always wanted that to happen to me. Literally seconds before the crash I thought to myself, as I saw this girl get out of her car onto the sidewalk, man how funny would it be if that happend to me right now. Sadly, the lady didn't seem as interested in the gospel as she did about my bike and my physical wellbeing. I was totally fine haha. If I had been like 1 second behind where I was, that door would have been comin off that car, no doubt, no doubt in my mind (Rico).

After that social broadcast last week we have determined to not tract as much. We miss it. We love tracting. But there are much more productive things we can do with our time for sure. The work here in the buckle of the bible belt is difficult. Let me tell you. But it has increased my testimony so much. A member told us the other day an interesting idea. When we pray and ask for patience, or more faith or whatever, God gives us a trial to learn patience or faith or what have you. Trials are how we grow. Everyday is a trial here. Everyday we get rejected. But weeks of no's are all worth one yes. It's so disheartening when I have this knowledge. This indescribable peace. When I testify of what I know is true and I know that the Spirit is there! And someone still chooses to decline our invitations. Our invitation is not to believe what we believe because we say so. Our invitation is to understand the magnitude of our message, how we know it can bless your life, and then to simply find out for yourself. We put the evidence of our beliefs in the hands of all who wish to hold it, and say, here, put it to the test. And we can do so because of the powerful witness of truth that we have received. That I have received. I know that Jesus is the Christ, our savior, redeemer, and friend. I know that any challenge or problem we face can be made bareable and strengthening if we rely on Him. And I know this because of the Book of Mormon. It's true. It is what it claims to be. And all people can have the same knowledge. I love being a servant of the Lord. There never was or could be a better job in the world.

Ok gotta go! Love you all so much! :) have a good week :)

Genesis 18:19
19 For I aknow him, that he will bcommand his cchildren and hisdhousehold after him, and they shall ekeep the way of the Lord, to do justice and fjudgment; that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.

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