Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2 Corinthians 12:9

Good Morning!

This was a great week! Sorry I didn't get to email yesterday! We had a Zone Training meeting and interviews with the President! We were among the last missionaries to get interviewed out of 34 missionaries in our whole zone. I think we are the biggest in the mission. So with the meeting starting at 9 am and with 34 missionaries all getting 10 minute interviews, we would be interviewed by about 3 pm. However, how realistic is a ten minute interview with president? I'll tell you, very unlikely. So we ended up not getting out of there until around 5pm. So we were at the church literally all day. It was really fun though because we got to hang out with our Zone Leaders and the missionaries in our district for a long time. My interview with president went great. He's so inspiring and motivating. I wish ya’ll could meet him!

Today for preparation day we are going to the Walmart Fitness Center. It's this associates only fitness center but they are allowed to bring guests so we get to go today! I'll let ya’ll know how it is.

This week Elder XXXX and I did so awesome. I've told ya’ll how we tract all the time right? We are trying to work smarter. We have no problems working hard, that’s for sure. We decided to stop keeping track of the lessons we teach while tracting, in order to boost our motivation to get more member present lessons and actual scheduled appointments. We got 13 lessons this week without counting our lessons from tracting (which I estimate is somewhere around 10). It was such a fun week.

XXXX is progressing well :) keep her in your prayers!

Thank you so much for all your support :) I love you all so much!

We also received this e-mail & photos yesterday :)  ...

Hi Moms of Elders Sherwood and XXXXX,
My name is XXXXX and we had the pleasure of having your missionaries join us for dinner tonight. I have 5 children ages 8 and under and they gave your boys a run for their money tonight. My daughters are 8 and 5 and the 8 year old acted goofy around them and my 5 year old made eyes and flirted with them while sitting quietly next to them all night. My older boys who are 6 and almost 3 got in a fight over their chair which came to blows and then my 6 year old had to have the usual fight over food and how much he was going to eat. After my almost 3 year old settled down and ate nothing he found the camera and took some pictures of your sons. I am just glad that my little 7 month old can be confined to the high chair.
Thanks for helping to send your sons on missions. They are a great example to my children and after tonight I think they could use all the good examples they can get. They gave us a great little lesson to end the night and helped us get things calmed down.

Photos by 3 year old :)

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