Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hello Everyone! How are you all!!

So the library is closed today so I'm using the XXXXX's computer. Feels so weird using a laptop! So I want to save a lot of the stuff that I want to talk about for tomorrow. But I will tell you this! On Wednesday we invited XXXXX to be baptized on January 19th! She accepted! All we have to do is continue teaching her and making sure she's keeping her commitments and she will make her date! I'm super confident that she will make it because she is super solid. She goes to church, reads her scriptures, prays and loves learning about all the stuff that we teach her. 

This week was EPIC. Such an amazing week. And it is mostly due to tracting! I can't wait to tell you about our tracting experience this week. It is awesome. I will tell you tomorrow when we Skype!

So I know you are making a list of stuff to talk to me about, you should also make a list of questions you want to ask me! I've been doing ALOT of stuff. And there’s just too much for me to remember!

Today and tomorrow we are allowed to watch G rated Disney movies!! I'm watching Aladdin right now at the XXXXX's! Today is a great day, Christmas Eve and Preparation Day. 

Well, I'll be here on the computer for a while so you can email me back!

We are having Christmas dinner with this family from the ward, the XXXXXs.  They are a really nice couple.

Today is pretty cold, about 24 degrees. We had a pretty bad storm earlier this week but other than that it's just been pretty cold. 

Ok gotta go. Can't wait to talk to you all tomorrow! Love you! Have a good Christmas Eve!

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