Monday, December 10, 2012

Bonjour! (says he can never think what to put in the subject line of his e-mails :)

Alright, how is everyone doing!!? This week was interesting. There is this flu that has been going around for a while and somehow I caught it. On Wednesday I was sick all day, throwing up, fever, aches, all that good stuff. So I was bed ridden all day. I felt so bad because Elder XXXXX had to find stuff to do around the trailer all day. But it's ok because it only lasted one day and I'm good to go now. I can't believe my companion never got sick. He grew up with all those homeopathic remedies though. Figures. 

Yesterday (Sunday) I gave another talk! I got a call on Friday from the Second Counselor asking if I would be willing to give a talk on missionary work. It was a sweet talk. I used a lot of my farewell talk and adapted those three points to missionary work. I'm so glad that I wrote that talk and that I have it here to use. It's golden.

Oh speaking of golden. On Sunday this 14 year old girl named XXXXX who has been attending church for a while told us that she wants to be baptized. That’s what you call a golden Investigator. We will be teaching her on Wednesday. I'm so grateful for all the people we are teaching and their willingness to seek answers. 

On Saturday we had transfer calls. That's where your Zone leaders call and tell you if and where you are being transferred. Elder XXXXX and I are both staying here! 

On Thursday we had Zone Training Meeting. It's a meeting where our whole Zone (about 16 missionaries) meet and our Zone Leaders teach some stuff along with other companionships teaching something. Elder XXXXX and I taught about the importance of inviting our investigators to be baptized by the second lesson. We used this analogy about a man in a boat in the middle of the ocean. He has no where to row to. Until this person appears and asks him if he wants food, water, and life. He says yes of course, and the man gives him two oars. Faith and Works. He has to use BOTH oars to row to an island that the man points out. This is our job as missionaries and as members of the church. Our investigators and friends are out in the middle of the ocean! Whether they know it or not! Issuing the invitation to be baptized on the first or second lesson, gives the investigator a goal to strive for. It helps them realize there is an answer to their desires (forgiveness, happiness etc.) and that answer is baptism. When we as members share the gospel with friends we try to help them realize how the gospel can help them fulfill their righteous desires. 

I actually didn't get any package or mail this past week so no I haven't gotten my boots or shirt yet but if you sent them I'm sure they'll be here soon. Maybe today or tomorrow or something. 

Oh! I can't wait to hear about my challenge to you to invite some friends over for Family Home Evening! 

Here is a good thought that I came across while studying the Book of Mormon this morning. 1 Nephi 16: 23-31
What did the Lord require of Lehi and his family in order for the Liahona to work? What does the Lord ask of us? And what "small means" do we see in our lives that bring about "great things"? 

Well I look forward to your letter!! Gotta go! Love you!! Miss you! Have a good week and make sure Alex doesn't crash my car!!!! haha so exciting!!!! :) 
Bye!! Love you so much!

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