Monday, September 22, 2014

1 Timothy 1:19

Good Morning! This was a good week. On Monday last week we had MLC. And on Wednesday we had what was possibly my last Zone Training Meeting. It was an awesome meeting. But It made me really sad. I'm experiencing so many different emotions right now. The work here in Bella Vista is going crazy! It's so awesome to be a part of it. On Friday we got to do something pretty cool. The first Friday of every month here in Bentonville they have an event on the town square called First Friday. It’s an event where a lot of different businesses, artists, artisans, crafty people, farmers market people, food truck people come and set up a booth. They have live music and lots of fun things to do. So we were able to get a spot at First Friday and it was awesome. Our theme was Strengthening Families. We talked with people about their families and how important family is and how the gospel can strengthen their families. We also had a sweet activity for people. I drew a house and put it on a board and we had people write down their answer to the question "Why do you love your family?". We had them write it on little circular post it notes. Then we drew a string from the post it to the house. It looked like a bunch of little balloons lifting up the house. It was pretty sweet. We were using the "Up" theme to demonstrate that all of the answers to that question are things that will "lift" your family up. Or strengthen your family and bring you closer together. It was an awesome day, we got to talk to a TON of people. I always love doing that. 

Surprisingly  I don't have a whole ton of stuff to talk about this week. I'll just talk about what I've learned more about recently. I've been learning a lot about repentance. The Greek word for repentance is Metanoeo. Which literally translated means: Change your mind, knowledge, spirit, breath or air. Repentance is not a scary or difficult process. It's a process of change. Of improving. Of becoming better. It's changing your mind, and your spirit. It's realizing that you need to change and then making the necessary changes! I'm so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary so much. And I love all of you! 

Elder Sherwood

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