Monday, February 25, 2013

Matthew 16:25

I never know what to put for the subject, so I have resolved to put favorite scriptures of mine as the subject. (Matthew 16:25)

So this week was slow. Thursday and Friday we were iced in. When there is ice around here, nobody drives. We were told by our Vehicle Coordinator not to drive unless it was absolutely necessary. So we were stuck at home for two days. It wasn't so bad because we have the XXXXXs right next door, so we spent a lot of time with them. It may have actually been a blessing in disguise because we are ridiculously low on miles this month. So two days of not driving really helped us out. Nonetheless, it was a bummer not getting out and working for two days. It's good to be back in action.

On Saturday night we had transfer calls again! Can you believe how fast that transfer went! We got the call and found out that we are both staying here in Stockton for another transfer. I've already been here for almost 4 months and I get to be here for 6 more weeks, at least!

Ok here ya go, Q and A time:  (we sent Elder Sherwood questions to answer)

Do you ever teach Gospel Principles?
No we haven't taught yet. I would like to though. I'm much more qualified now than I was when I taught before.

How has the weather been, when I look at the temps it doesn’t look too cold. Never mind, we just got your pictures of the snow!!Yyikes!!
The weather has been brutal recently, with the ice storms and today there is supposed to be a snowstorm

What was your favorite toy as a child (I want to verify this is really you)?
Well the one I was most heartbroken over was Woody. Worst day of my life.

Did you get Dad’s postcard?
I did. Been craving a hot pretzel ever since. And I'm jealous you went to Fanfest.

What kind of meals are you making for yourself? How are the meals with members?
Eat cheerios and toast with jam and an orange every day for breakfast. Usually a sandwich or Bertolli frozen meals for lunch (super good by the way). A recipe book with simple recipes that you make (Mom) would be so awesome! The meals with members are always great. People always make their best for the missionaries.

How often do you meet with your zone?
Twice a transfer usually

How long does it take our mail to get to you? I usually mail my letter on Tuesday. What day do you get my (mom) letter?
I usually get your letters on Thursday or Friday, sometimes later, like not until the next Monday or Tuesday.

Have you been back to see XXXXX’s family?
Not yet! I have been wanting to. I see them in the store sometimes and we talk for a little bit. XXXXX's mom calls me her grandson haha! They are awesome.

Have you started to see many of the new, younger missionaries in the field? It sounds like there are just sooo many new missionaries!
We have one 18 year old missionary in our zone. But he's the only one I know of. To be completely honest, we are totally isolated out here so I haven't really seen with my own eyes much change. I've heard a lot about it, and I feel the Spirit of the work hastening.

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