Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Monday!!

So today was interesting haha. On Friday, I was flossing (proud?) and the filling that filled in the chip in my front tooth came out! I freaked out for a second cause I thought my teeth were falling apart. Then I realized that it was just that filling. So I called Sister Shumway and she said that missionary medical doesn't cover dental work. So obviously I couldn't call home and get my social security number or insurance information or anything. So I had to go through Sister Shumway to get my social security number from mom. Thanks by the way, not sure how you swung that so fast. So anyways they fixed my tooth and I'm good to go now. It looks better than it did before ;)

So this past week was a pretty good week actually! We had 12 lessons! Not bad at all. On Wednesday we had a really good District Meeting where we were all given time to talk about our experience on a mission so far and how it's blessed our life. I talked about you guys! My family! Especially Alex, I loved hearing about her little missionary opportunity that she wrote me about a few weeks ago. That kind of stuff makes me so happy you don't even know. So keep searching for them!

This week we got a new investigator named XXXXX! He's a great guy. He has grown up in the RLDS church. Ya know the one where they don't believe in parts of the Book of Mormon and parts of Doctrine and Covenants. Well XXXXX is in his 50's now I think, and he is finally realizing what he has been missing.  He is tired of the contention and the unorganized nature of the religion, and the way they keep changing the fundamental beliefs. And he has decided to go back to what he knows is true. So we are teaching him and he is really enjoying it so far.

We also got another investigator named XXXXX.  She is also a fundamentalist. She's XXXXX's grandma. She was born in polygamy, raised in polygamy, married into polygamy, and had kids in polygamy. But she got out a long time ago and has completely forsaken the practice and all the people that she was affiliated with. She's extremely knowledgeable about the gospel so it's going to be fun teaching her.

Yep, Valentine’s Day. Not the most exciting holiday for a missionary. It's alright though. Thanks for the package and all the love.

Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed with all that has to get done and I feel a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. But I just keep going. Take every day as it comes. I can't believe that I'm actually able to do all this stuff. Like you said, the boy that never made phone calls or ordered my food alone. Look at me now haha. It's not my strength. That's for sure. Like Ammon, I know that I am weak, but my God is strong and through him I receive my strength. I am living proof of the Lords hand in this work. 

I'm so grateful to be a part of this work. I love being a full time servant of the Lord. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing in this life that can bring true happiness. And I love sharing what has made me so happy with others. And I love you all!

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