Monday, January 28, 2013

Gooood Morning Brown Family!! (Alex knows)


Alright, so week one with my new companion in this new transfer. It's been great!! Last week on Tuesday and Wednesday Elder XXXXX was sick :/ so we couldn't do much. That was such a bummer for him. His last two days in Stockton and he was sick. Then Thursday we drove down to
the transfer point and dropped off Elder XXXXX (Donald’s companion), said our farewells and picked up Elder XXXXX (new companion).  He has been out just as long as Elder XXXX (14 months) and is a great guy. He's willing to work hard and be obedient. It's been hard the past few days because
obviously he isn't familiar with the area or the investigators or the potential investigators that we are working with yet. So basically all the planning and teaching and finding has to be led by me for a while.  It's a heavy responsibility but I'm willing to work hard and as long as the Lord is on my side I know I'll be fine.

Elder XXXXX (new companion) is from Idaho and is a super funny guy. He loves to play guitar, so whenever we go over to the XXXXX's he plays their guitar. He used to be in a heavy metal band.
He's awesome and I'm honored to be serving with him in this area at this time.

Yesterday was XXXXX's baptism! It was so awesome! It's so awesome seeing someone like her make such a special and sacred covenant with her Father in Heaven. It's been such a blessing in my
life to have to opportunity to teach her. My testimony has grown so much as a result of teaching her. I love this gospel and the happiness it brings to the lives of those that embrace it. It's the only thing
in this life that can bring true happiness.

This week we will hopefully be getting 3 new investigators. One of them is a part member/less active family that I am really excited to teach. They remind me so much of our family.  I can't wait to share the
gospel with this family, and show them how it can bless their lives. We are meeting with them tonight! Pray for them!

Alright, gotta go! Love you all so much! Looking forward to your letters! Have a good week!! :)

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