Monday, January 21, 2013

A New Transfer Begins!

So on Saturday night we were awaiting transfer calls. And after being here in Stockton for almost 3 months.... I will continue to be here in Stockton. My trainer, my companion, my brother, however, will not. It was a sad day. Elder XXXXX will be serving down in XXXXX Arkansas. He is also becoming a district leader. He is going to be awesome. He is an awesome leader and he will do great in his new area and leadership position. Stockton is now my responsibility while my new companion Elder XXXXX learns the area, the people and the work here in Stockton. Elder XXXXX came out with Elder XXXXX (current companion), so he's been out about a year and a couple months now. Transfers will be on Thursday of this week. We will drive down to the transfer point and drop Elder XXXXX off, and I will return with my new companion.

To be completely dishonest, I feel totally adequate to take over this area haha! Seriously though, this transfer is going to be a challenge. But I'm ready! Bring it on! I am very sad that Elder XXXXX will be leaving however. I love him, and I am so grateful for everything that he has taught me.

XXXXX will be baptized this coming Sunday. I'm so excited for her. It has been such an incredible experience to see her desire to learn and to grow. The amount of faith that she has shown amazes me, and I can't wait to see her enter the waters of Baptism and enter into that wonderful covenant.

I forgot to mention this in my email last week, last Sunday there was a really bad ice storm. An ice storm is a storm where the rain is frozen. It's not hail, it's not sleet, it's not snow, it just ice. So everything gets completely coated in ice and it looks like everything is covered in diamonds. It’s pretty sweet. The roads were so dangerous and icy that church was cancelled and we weren't allowed to drive anywhere. Nobody drove anywhere. So we studied and spent time at the XXXXXs all day. It was driving us crazy that we couldn't go out and work.

Accomplishment: we taught 20 lessons this week. A Stockton area record. And we achieved our Mission Standard of excellence.

It was a great week.

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