Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Moroni 10:32


Good Morning! How are you all today?  I'm so glad y’all got to meet Elder Van Woerkom I gave him a hug for you so I'm glad he passed it on :) He was a great missionary. And he is missed greatly by many. 

This week was great though! Elder McReynolds got here on Tuesday and we got to work right away. Really good things are happening in this area. We have XXXXX who is progressing really well. He and his fiancee just need to get married before he is baptized. So they are looking at sometime in September for their marriage. It would be nice if it was closer but that’s okay. These things are important to people haha. 

XXXXX is another one of our investigators who is progressing really well. She’s so awesome. In Sunday school class she was making comments about things that I don't even know much about. She has read the all three Old Testament, New Testament, and Book of Mormon Stories picture books and she is working on reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon as well. She’s the one who grew up  Buddhist but is now discovering Christianity and she is loving it. Its awesome to see someone learning how to grasp the Atonement of Christ. 

Something I have been thinking about lately is how tricky Satan is. He knows our weaknesses and he exploits them so much! That is something I've seen a lot of on my mission. Satan using the small things to distract people from the important things. One beer here, one cigarette there, what harm could it do? I can't tell you how many times I've heard that. This life just isn't about how close we can get to the edge. It's about putting off the natural man. Sacrificing every thing that separates us from God. That’s what I love about the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. It gives us power to improve ourselves and to resist temptation. Strength to over come the natural man. I love this gospel. I love having the opportunity to do my best to help people understand what Jesus Christ can do for them. And I love all of you!

Elder Sherwood

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