Monday, May 19, 2014

1 Nephi 11:17

April 28, 2014
1 Nepi 11:17

Good Morning Family! 

This week was a crazy week with transfers. I'm excited to be in Belle Vista, back in my old Zone! It's awesome being here. I'm emailing from the Bentonville Library again today. We are going on exchange with the Bentonville 2nd Elders in a couple weeks so I'm am really excited to be back working in my old area. 

Funny story. My first day here in Belle Vista was Thursday. Thursday night around 10:20 we get a phone call from President Shumway (that'll make your heart stop) and he says to us "hey elders I've got a project for you!". Then he tells us about how an elder who had been transferred that day from Bentonville to Mena Arkansas a good three hours away from here and the most southern point of our mission, had forgotten his insulin in the refrigerator in Bentonville. He informs us that if he doesn't get that insulin before 6 am that next morning, he'll be in trouble. Keep in mind this is 10:20 pm and it's lights out for us at 10:30 haha. So President Shumway gives us permission to do pretty much whatever it takes to get this missionary his insulin. So we call the Fort Smith zone leaders and decide to meet up about halfway in Fayetteville Arkansas after we pick up the insulin. By the time we arrive in Fayetteville its Midnight. We made the mistake of meeting up at the University of Arkansas. SO many students. It took us a while to find the other zone leaders. So I take a step back and have this thought, here I am, a missionary in the middle of Arkansas, walking around the U of A at midnight trying to give this insulin to these other missionaries. To a normal person It probably wouldn't have been that strange. But to us that was an adventure and a half! :)

In other news, we had some really good things happen here with the work in Belle Vista. I gave another talk on Sunday haha. They have all the new missionaries that come to the ward speak on the first Sunday they are in the area. It was pretty short notice but it was awesome! I love giving talks! On Saturday night we had a lesson with the XXXX A part member couple. The wife is not a member. She had approached missionaries and asked to be taught. On Saturday night we set a baptismal date with her for the 24th of May! It will be awesome! She's super prepared. 

Anyways, Good things are happening, my companion Elder Van Woerkem is awesome. I've known him for a really long time. He was in this zone with me a year ago and we were in Tulsa East together for a while, and he's been the zone leader here while I was in Springdale for 2 transfers. So it's good to be with someone that I know and that I'm already friends with. The work is going well and I'm really happy. I love this work so much! I love serving the Lord. I love teaching people about Jesus Christ! I know he lives and that he loves us. I love all of you too :)
Elder Sherwood

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