Monday, May 19, 2014

May 12, 2014

Good Morning! :) This week was a good week! It was an unconventional week for sure. It seemed like we had a lot of busy work going on. But it's ok. This week will be awesome. We have MLC tomorrow and then we will be preparing for our Zone Training meeting next week. I just talked with y’all yesterday on skype so there's not a whole lot more I have to write in this email haha. 

XXXXX is doing good. Still super excited and getting prepared for her baptism on the 23rd. We have 10 people that could potentially be really close to baptism in this area. They are all part member families and really solid potential investigators. So the work in this area is about to explode. It's awesome. 

We had Zone Conference earlier this week, and President Shumway talked about a lot of stuff haha. One thing I really like that he talked about was from Elder Bednar.
He said that while we are out on our missions we are wierd! We think things are funny that really aren't funny! That was one example he gave. But its totally true. We are super wierd! But it's awesome. We are removed from the world. With little to no influence from the media and politics that bombard our society. I've spent so much time developing myself. I've had time to thinking, ponder and pray. Sure I miss the world and all its fun distractions sometimes, but I wouldn't trade these two years for anything. I love the gospel and I love Jesus Christ and I love this life that we've been blessed with. It's hard sometimes, but that’s why we have Jesus Christ. I believe in Him and the power he has to give us strength beyond our own. 
We are just working hard and doing our best to invite other to come unto Christ.

Love you all! 

Elder Sherwood 

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