Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 22nd ~ Hebrews 10:35 (Jeffrey R. Holland gave an amazing talk about this scripture)

Hebrews 10:35 Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward.

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Good Morning!

This week was awesome! It was filled with long hot, muggy days of biking and preaching. The grind. But it's so awesome. We worked super hard every day and came out with some good results at the end of the week. We taught XXXXX, our tattooed miracle boy, and HE wants to set a baptismal date and a date for him to quit smoking! He's so awesome. We taught a new investigator, XXXXX. He is just a senior in high school and he's a friend of one of the young men in the ward. He's so awesome. He's got such a huge desire to be closer to Christ. And that’s why we are here, haha. To help people be closer to Christ. We taught him the restoration lesson and committed him to start reading the Book of Mormon. It was so awesome. Great lesson.

Now that I'm coming up quickly on ten months, I'm really feeling the urgency of this work. The first year of my mission is almost over and I feel like i'm just beginning! I still feel new to the field sometimes! There's so much I want to do on my mission and I feel like time is running out! Is it going this fast for you guys! I'm starting to realize how much of a lifestyle this is. I don't know how I'll be able to let it go. I've never done anything in my life that makes me happier or is more fulfilling. I love the Gospel. I love sharing it. I love teaching! I love biking in the heat. I love biking in the rain. I love talking to strangers, knocking on doors, and getting cursed at, yelled at and just plain hated on. I love finding people who are searching for something more, then helping them come closer to the Savior. The only way to survive out here is to love it. Love it all. Love every single trial and person as they come. This work is way too hard, way too important, and too urgent to complain, whine, or be lazy. Even when the chips are down and it seems like no one even wants to entertain my friendly waves, the Lord always gets me through. Sometimes we feel like we let the Lord down. But it's not us who hold him up. He holds us up. And He will not let us down.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is real. In it you can find power, and solace. There's no place I would rather be.

Elder Sherwood

P.S.   I love all your letters. I'm so sorry that it's so hard for me to write back to you all. I'm always so busy on preparation day! Just know that I really, really, really appreciate all the time and effort you put in to your letters to me. They are a real blessing in my life and the things you tell me are always applicable to what trials I'm going through at the time. So keep it up! Thank you so much!

Mom and dad!: thank you so much for sending those shirts! Some days I sweat through two shirts haha so I definitely needed more. I'm going over to the Larsen’s today to take in the sides a little bit like you did with my other shirts. But they are absolutely perfect so thank you!!!!

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