Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ether 12:27 (classic)

Well another fantastic week here in NWA has come and gone. Bentonville is doing great and we were untouched by any foul weather that may have happened last night. The work continues to go well. I can't believe a whole transfer has come and gone! We got transfer calls on Saturday night and we are both staying here in Bentonville.

We are having some really cool experiences with one of our investigators, XXXXX. She is this older lady, around 60, who is so sincere in here search. When we teach here she has such great questions and you can really tell she is an honest truth seeker. One of my favorite parts about our message and our purpose is that we never force our beliefs on anyone (at least I never do). We teach, testify, and invite. XXXXX is a prime example of this. It's so amazing teaching her because she truly wants to know! She loves the plan of salvation so much. I do to. I love that God has a plan for us. God, the Supreme Being, has a plan for you and me, as insignificant as we are. We are everything to him. Moses 1:39, His purpose is to bring us joy and eternal life. I love it.

So Wednesday was fun. After district meeting we returned home to find that we had locked ourselves out of our apartment. We called our landlord and to our dismay, he was out of town and wouldn't be back until "sometime this evening.”  Not a very comforting resolution to our request. So we started walking, and it started raining, then it rained harder, and we continued walking. All day long. Bikes locked in our apartment, along with our raincoats. Luckily we had three appointments set up that day. But as should be expected on a day like this, they all fell through. But we kept walking, and knocking, and talking, and most importantly laughing. White shirts soaked to our skin. Feet sore and pruney. It was a fantastic day. I love serving the Lord. :)

"Forget yourself and go to work"

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