Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mosiah 7:30

So Saturday night was transfer calls. I awaited the phone call from my Zone leaders not so patiently. When the call came, I answered and they told me this. I will be shotgun training in Bentonville Arkansas! When you shotgun an area, that means that both you and your companion are new to the area. So you both have to get to know the area and the people. Training (obviously) means I will be training a brand new missionary! In Bentonville Arkansas! The Wal-Mart Headquarters haha! I'm SO STOKED!!

I am really, really excited to shotgun, and train, and be in a big city, but I am very sad to be leaving Stockton. I have grown to love this area and the people here. This little town has brought such a big change in me.
(Elder Sherwood to Mandy - Can you believe that!! SHOTGUN TRAINING! I"M SO SCARED HAHA!!!!! Just kidding, I'm really excited. and kinda scared haha.  Mandy - You will be great!!!!!  Elder Sherwood - haha thank you! :) I really hope so. I'm ready. I am nervous. But I have more faith in the Lord than ever before. And I need it.)

Conference was awesome. It was the first conference where I was really able to get anything out of it. Finally I have a good understanding of the gospel. It was so awesome to hear from the leaders of our church. It's funny how all I heard from that conference was about missionary work. Funny how your situation affects so much what you learn or hear. Jeffrey R. Holland on Sunday was my favorite talk. He's so awesome. I love hearing the testimonies of the Apostles. They aren't called Special Witnesses of Jesus Christ for nothing.

Dad- As I sat in the chapel on Saturday night watching the Priesthood session. My thoughts brought me back to all those years sitting right next to you every Priesthood session. Thank you for being so diligent. You are such an amazing example to me in my life.  (Don to Elder Sherwood - Believe me I was thinking of you Saturday night too.  I missed seeing you draw!  Elder Sherwood - Haha ya I missed you bringing random candy like jelly beans or little chocolates haha!)

Alright some cool things that happened this week:
We helped this member skin and gut some rabbits. I was able to skin a whole rabbit. We had rabbit chow mein last night. It's really good.
I also ate a squid at this Chinese buffet in Springfield. That was not really good. It was horrific actually.

Ya I'm really excited to shotgun. I HOPE they have a mission plan.

I love you all so much! And miss you all!!! :) Endure to every end, and enjoy the journey.

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