Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mosiah 4:27

Mosiah 4:27
Hey! Good morning Arkansas. So last week was a pretty sad week. Tuesday and Wednesday I said goodbye to everyone. I spent exactly 1/4 of my mission in Stockton Missouri. I feel like I grew up there. It was almost like leaving home again. It was so hard. But Bentonville is SO SWEET. It’s literally the exact opposite of Stockton though. It’s about the size of like Walnut Creek, maybe a little bigger. It IS the Walmart Capital of the world.

It is a full bike area. Meaning we don't have a car at all. But our whole area is pretty small. We are in the Bentonville 2nd ward. The area is only a few miles long and wide. The ward is so awesome. They are so missionary minded. I've heard Bentonville called Little Provo before. I guess Walmart recruits from BYU so there are a ton of members here and they are all returned missionaries so all they do is missionary work. It’s so sweet. The ward mission plan is run like a business. So organized so perfect. I love it.

My companion is awesome. His name is Elder XXXXX. He is actually from Pleasanton! That was pretty sweet when I found out about that. He just recently moved there after I was already out here though. So anyways, He is such a good missionary. All he wants to do is work hard. I love his attitude. He's so eager and willing to do whatever it takes. Which is so necessary in a full bike area.

We live really close to the rest of our district so we see them all the time. The YSA elders drive by us in their car all the time. It lifts your spirits so much just to see other missionaries out working. Finally we have something to do on Preparation day now! I think today we might go to this sweet museum called Crystal Bridges. The first few days were crazy. We didn't know where anything was or where anyone lived. It was pretty overwhelming at first coming from Stockton. But I love it here so far. I'm so excited to work here and get to know the people. Hopefully I will love the people and the area as much as I loved Stockton.

Anyways I am so stoked to be here. I love my companion. And I love being a missionary.

Ok I gotta go! I love you all so much! Have a good week! :)

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