Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mosiah 2:41

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First request this morning, Dad, could you please put your conversion story on paper and send it to me. I never fully realized the magnitude of your experience and it's relation to my life until recently! I can't explain how happy I am to have the gospel in my life, and it's all because of you. There are a couple people here that I think could really benefit from hearing our family's story.

Alright, this week was the best week (statistics wise) of my mission. We taught 16 lessons, 11 of which where lessons taught with a member present. Our Mission President has given us a goal to have a member at 60% of all our lessons. We crushed that percentage this week. It was such a good week. Also, we had a Zone Conference on Wednesday which was awesome. Our president told us before that he wants us to never leave a home without reading from the Book of Mormon. So I have made it my own personal goal to never leave a home that I am invited in to, without reading something from the Book of Mormon. So far so good ;)

Alright you guys asked me to answer some more questions...
Did you ever meet Sister XXXX’s brother who is serving in your mission?
Not yet! But I've met a few people that do know him.

Do you drive or does your companion?
I'm driving now.

What do most people do there, professionally?
construction (framers, roofers etc.), farmers. That’s pretty much it.

Have you spoken in church or taught a lesson?
Yes I have spoken in church twice. No I haven't taught any lessons in church yet.

Do you have a cell phone, can you text members?
Yes we have a cell phone, yes we can text anyone in our area.

Are there sister missionaries in your neck of the woods?

How is the contacting of inactives going? Are you still using the survey idea?
It’s going better. It helps immensely to have a member with you. Because instead of getting a visit from the missionaries, they are getting a visit from their friend!

When you have dinner with ward members do you share a message? What is your favorite message?
Yes I always share a message. My favorite one is Alma 17:37, then Alma 26:11-12, then D&C 35:13-14 (Nutshell: Ammon is able to smite off the arms of those that attack him, because of his strength; but in Alma 26, we see that Ammon calls himself weak! And he gives God all the honor; then D&C is awesome because it makes reference to His arm becoming our arm, and I like to relate that back to Ammon and "by the strength of his arm")

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