Monday, March 4, 2013

John 15:15

Good Morning!  

This week was better! The last couple weeks were a bit of a bummer,
but it has been much better this week. On Tuesday last week we got 7
inches of snow. We were stuck for most of the day until they got
the roads cleared. Then we went around town asking people if we could
shovel their driveways. It was fun! I have never shoveled snow like
that before. We did a little more shoveling on Wednesday and then the
rest of the week we went back to good old proselyting.

On Friday, we knocked on the door of this RLDS (Community of Christ)
family. We talked with them for almost 2 hours. It amazed me how
strong their faith was. But it was also a bit disheartening. They left
the RLDS church in the 80's when that church renounced use of the Book
of Mormon as scripture, and gave women the priesthood. Now they
worship in their home. They told us that they are waiting for God to
give them direction on where to go next. We just knocked on his door,
and he is telling us he is waiting for a sign from God on what to do
next. Signs don't get much more obvious than that in my opinion.
Servants of the Lord knocking on your door. But, there's only so much
we can do. People have their agency. We had a really good experience
with them and we will visit them later this week probably.

XXXXX, the daughter of the family we live next to, has been
preparing to go on a mission. It has been awesome to see her go through
the whole process from deciding to serve, to submitting papers, to
receiving her call and now she leaves on March 20th! It has been so
awesome to help her through the whole process too. On Saturday we sat
down with her and taught her all about missionary work. We helped her
understand our purpose and tried our best to calm her nerves about
serving. I feel honored to help her prepare for her mission and I hope
she can take some of the things I have taught her into the mission

My companion and I are still doing great. Trying our best to work hard
and stay busy. I'm so grateful to be a part of this work. I love being
a missionary. And I love you all.

Elder Sherwood

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