Monday, October 29, 2012

Last e-mail from the MTC

Hello Family!

Ok it's go time. I wrote a list of stuff to tell you all this week and I have 30 minutes. I had to speed read all your emails so forgive me if I don't answer all your questions. 

First order of business. go giants.

We sing all the time here. Not just in all our meetings but in our district just walking around and stuff. Sister Stanworth taught me how to sing the bass harmonies for a few hymns. And i'm not gonna lie, we are good. I'm a good singer. That was a goal of mine. To come home from my mission a good singer, like every other RM. And i've accomplished that in my first three weeks. Siiiick.

When we first got here we took this assesment for whether or not we would need tutoring for reading. And to no surprise, I did need it :/ But it was awesome. I met with a woman named Sister Butters. She was amazing! She was so helpful, she helped me learn how to read scriptures and get as much out of them as possible. Now I feel like I can read scriptures with investigators and really help them understand how it relates to them. Its a very effective teaching tool. 

Every sunday night we get to watch a movie. Last week we watched Testaments (so funny). And last night we watched Testaments also pretty funny. 

Last week for our tuesday Devotional Larry Echo Hawk of the Seventy came and gave a talk. He was the quarterback for BYU for 4 years a long time ago. I just thought his name was cool. So i thought I'd share that.

Do you know an Elder Bradford? he served in our mission a few years ago I guess. He's my Branch presidency 2nd counselor's son-in-law.

It snowed on wednesday! 

With this influx of new missionaries, we could be training 18 year old elders in as little as 6 weeks. Can you beleive that! Six weeks in to my mission and I could be a trainer!!!! 

Mom: have you ever read Alma 42: 1-7? You had a question if I remember correctly about this topic and I thought this might answer it. Not sure if I remember your question correctly or if you already got the answer but it's interesting nonetheless. 

OH YA! Elder Hatch and I are Zone Leaders. Our first sunday here, we were called as Zone Leaders! It was so awesome. Last week we got three new districts and we gave them an orientation of the MTC and took them on a tour! Our entire floor is our Zone, so we have Elders coming to our door asking questions all the time. I love it so much. It's my favorite calling i've ever had. I love getting to know all these new elders and sisters and trying to help them in any way I can. It is so fun. 

you should check out my Teacher's blog.! His name is Brother Guinto. He's incredible, the best teacher I've ever had. Him and my other teacher Brother Kitchen are so awesome. But ya check out his blog and he might have some stuff about our distrcit! That would be pretty neat to get another perspective other than mine. 

Ok here's the best story of the week. When we taught one of our progressing investigators earlier last week, I realized during the lesson that his story is exactly the same as your story dad. His wife is a member, he is a nonmember, and he has two kids. I was able to bear my testimony on the impact that two missionaries had on my life, when they cared enough and loved my dad enough to teach him. I was able to assure him of the blessings that will come from the decision he has made to be baptized, because I am a direct benefactor of those same blessings. I'm so grateful for Elder Tanner and Elder Southwick and their love and charity that they had for you, Dad, and the fact that they were able to help us become an eternal family. 

Thats so awesome that you got the job mom!!!! Congratulations!!

How is Alex's volleyball team doing? or how did they do? 

I get to call home at the Salt Lake Airport, so the storms won't affect me at all I'm pretty sure. It's not very clear to me when we get to call home, but I think I'm just gonna try to call at the Salt Lake Airport. But I don't know. I stil have 10 minutes left of Email time so I'm gonna send this email and then go figure out when to call and where so I can tell you exactly when to be ready. I'll also get the flight info and stuff. It will probably be later today when I send that stuff but i'll make sure that I do. 

Ok Love you ALL SO MUCH!!! MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!! keep the people of the OTM in your prayers!!

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