Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4/17/14 Romans 5:14

Romans 5:14 Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam’s atransgression, who is the bfigure of him that was to come.

This week was SWEET! Our goal for our zone was for every area to hit the standard of excellence (20 Lessons, 60% member present lessons) this week. We got so close! Out of 13 areas 11 made the standard. And one of the areas that didn't make it taught like 36 lessons haha. They just needed a higher member present percentage. It was a great week. The best quality week this zone has had for a long time. I'm so proud of the missionaries here. They are doing really good work. One thing I have realized since I've become a Zone Leader is how much influence leaders can have on the people they lead. All we do for this zone is encourage them, and have faith in them. When we truly believe they can do something and then we tell them that we believe in them, miracles happen. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve these missionaries here in the Springdale Zone. They are so awesome and I love every single one. 

Remember XXXXX? That lady I told you about last week? The one we OTM'd last Sunday night. We taught her on Wednesday and she is awesome! She came to church yesterday! She said that it was a lot to take in! She hasn't been to church since she was 4. She has had some really tough things happen in her life, things that she's trying really, really hard to overcome. And we are doing our best to help her! I'm so grateful when I get to teach people about Jesus Christ and the Atonement. It's real! He really can heal us. And we are working so hard to help her realize that. PLEASE keep her in your prayers! And please pray that we will know how to help her along this path.

Anyways, last week was amazing. This week will be even better. I love being a missionary. I love serving the Lord and the people here in the OTM. I chose Romans 5:14 because Elder Wadsworth and I have been studying about grace a lot recently. I love this verse because it explains a really important principle. We are under grace. Jesus Christ's grace is sufficient for us to be saved. That is why sin should have no dominion over us. That is why we should do our best to be our best. When we are truly converted to Jesus Christ, when we really have faith in him, like Nephi, we will abhor sin. We will hate to sin! And we will want to have good, righteous works. That is real faith in the Savior. Using his atonement and grace to bless our lives right now. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I love all of you! 

Elder Sherwood

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