Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pictures from Arkasas

"A kid we baptized in Bentonville"

"First morning of the week we taught 1038 lessons, haha"

Elder Sherwood & Elder Stapley with the Sherwood family, no relation but Elder Sherwood thought it was so cool to meet a family in their area with his name. 

"I'm not so proud of the first one but it is really funny haha. That's what happens when you put missionaries in a restaurant with tv's EVERYWHERE."

"Elder Stapely and me in front of our favorite BBQ taco truck, sooooo delicious!"
"Elder Stapley with his 'trunky papers' "

"Elder Bailey at the conference in Tulsa. I love that kid."
"Elder Stapely at the transfer point"
"Elder Olson, we were at the MTC together 17 months ago."
"Elder Koetting, former companion and awesome missionary"

"Elder Burr. He has been a zone leader in the Rogers Arkansas Zone, he's awesome."

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