Monday, November 12, 2012

Teaching in Missouri


Here is what I have to say about the election:
Helaman 5:2
Mosiah 29: 26-27

So on Tuesday we went to go teach XXXXX about the Plan of Salvation, we brought a member with us and everything. We get to his house and when he answers the door he tells us that he doesn't want us
to teach him anymore :(. But that’s ok! Because he still wants us to drop by and say Hello every once in a while. So we visited him yesterday and talked for a little bit, got to know him a little better, we invited him to church, and to read the Book of Mormon and we left him with a prayer. Please continue keeping him in your prayers, he is a really good guy and he's having a hard time finding a job right now.

On Wednesday we had exchanges. I went down to XXXXX for the day with Elder XXXXX our District Leader. He is a really cool guy and great missionary. We went tracting and taught one lesson to this guy who
is having a hard time. I shared with him Ether 12:27 which is one of my favorite scriptures. It talks about how after all we can do on our own, through grace, our Heavenly Father will carry us the rest of the way and make our weaknesses become strengths.

This week we didn't get to teach a whole lot. It's getting me really bummed. It’s so hard to find people to teach. I knew it would be hard but I didn't know that would be the hardest part. The ward here is
really great, it’s an awesome ward with awesome people.

I'm so happy to hear about Alex's volleyball team!! NCS WOOO!!!! How did they do!!?!?!

I'm also so happy to hear about work mom!!! That’s so awesome!!

Dad - Could you please send me our ward mission plan!!!!!!! ASAP!!!

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